To the lighthouse

To the lighthouse
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To the lighthouse

Come up to my lighthouse for I have something I wish to say
It can wait for a moment; well in fact
it can wait all day
I just wanted to bring you up here so you could have the chance to see
the beauty of this situation that
you could share with me

It may seem strange
to talk of love and then lighthouses
It's not strange
to me
All alone
you and I in our high tower
That's the way
to be

Some laugh at my lighthouse they say it's just an ivory tower
But I don't mind because I know
their envy grows by the hour
See I have a purpose up here to guide the ships upon their way
All this is mine; it could be yours too
what do you say?

My Lighthouse - Pulp

File:Chalk Tower Flamborough Head 058031.jpg
The 17th century Beacon Tower looks to the casual onlooker like an original lighthouse structure and indeed some claim that that is what it was, built in 1673 with the permission of Charles II, who also gave permission for the collection of dues from passing ships. More credibly it is thought to be simply a beacon tower, the iron grill at the top being for bushes and wood to burn as warning at times of wartime invasion. 
What is believed to be the original lighthouse was built in 1806 by a local customs officer to warn of the dangers of the rocky coast, some 174 ships having foundered off the coast in the previous 36 years. The present lighthouse, a towering 92’ high and with over 3.5 million candle power is visible from the sea for some 21 miles.

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