New Zealand S.I. Dunedin Area 2009

New Zealand S.I. Dunedin Area 2009

The Taiaroa Head with it's lighthouse (built 1864 - now automated), on the Otago Peninsula at the entrance to the Otago Harbour for Port Chalmers and Dunedin.

si dunedin otago

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View On Black
Inspired in this picture
no imaginé que algo tan bello y tan autentico iba a pasar,
me desperte
oliendo a menta sobre arena mojada en sal
run run que alegra mi canto y una vida que viene y otra se va

Ojos de brujo

Estoy disfrutando un montón del último CD de Ojos de Brujos, y mientras editaba esta imagen sonó una que no pude dejar de favoritear en mi Itunes, se llama "Nueva Vida" ahi se las dejo para que la escuchen.
Por cierto que casi me aproximo a cumplir la mitad del proyecto 365!!! sin fallar un dia ni haciendo la foto , el reto sigue, la perseverancia sigue, las ideas fluyen y son todos ustedes la mas grande motivación.
Feliz semana Flickr.!

*I not imagine that something so beautiful and so authentic was going to happen
I Awoke smelling to mint over the sand wet in salt
run run that it cheers my song and a life that come and another one goes away

Ojos de brujo

I enjoying so much the last production of Ojos de Brujo, and while did it this image my itunes played a song that is my instant faves, the title is "New Life".
BTW I'm almost in the middle of the 365 project with no faile taking picture the respective day, the challenge continue with more perseverance, the ideas flow and all yours are then most powerful motivation
Happy Week Flickr

Background made it by me with resource of:
Sea by: Ephedrina and Symphonia
Butterfly: Kerellin
Lighthouse: sxc.hu

Idea, Shot and editing by me
Carmen Moreno © 2009
Todos los Derechos Reservados
© All rights reserved. Use without permission is illegal


The Catlins

Originally uploaded by Stas Kulesh.
Standing 76 metres above sea level, the 9.4 metre high stone tower of the Nugget Point Lighthouse still supports the original lens which was installed during its construction. The light was originally powered by oil when it was first lit in 1870 with lighthouse keepers tending to the point. It was not until 1989 when the lighthouse become automated that the keepers were no longer needed.
Nugget Point Lighthouse which receives its name through the small nugget like rocks which extend out from the point in the Catlins along the Southern Scenic Route on the East Coast of the South Island of New Zealand. Both sides of the cliff are blanketed in greenery with a long walkway leading to the lighthouse.


Khe Gà Lighthouse

Khe Gà Lighthouse
Originally uploaded by Victor Phùng.
post cái Color version pà con cho ý kiến

Lịch sử mũi Khe gà (tiếng Việt)

Khe Ga lighthouse is located in tan thanh viallage, Ham Thuan Nam district, Binh Thuan province, 45 km south of Phan Thiet. Khe Ga is 5ha wide islet. Hundreds of diversified granited clusters alternate with that of aged frangipanes in the islet.

This lighthouse bears the same name as the island. It was built in 1897-1899 by the French. The octagonal tower is made of granite and is 41m high. It has sides of 2.6m at its base and 2.5m at its top. The light can be seen as far as 22 miles away. Considered a valuable "artwork," Khe Ga lighthouse is an attractive historical and tourist site. Tourists can climb a spiral staircase with 184 steps made of steel to get to the top of the lighthouse from which they can enjoy the view.

Spencer Tunick

 Title Ireland 1 (Dublin) 2008
 Medium c-print mounted between plexi
 Size h: 71 x w: 89.25 in / h: 180.34 x w: 226.7 cm
 Size Notes also 48 x 60 inches
 Edition/Set of 6
 Copyright © Spencer Tunick

forza Napoli

forza Napoli
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Cape Reinga

The lighthouse was built in 1941 961 ft above sea level. - the last manned lighthouse to be built in New Zealand. It was automated in 1987 and the keeper was withdrawn. The flashing light is visible for 31 miles and guides shipping from Australia as it passes between the Three Kings and Cape Reinga. On the lighthouse reserve there is a radio beacon for shipping and the Cape has been an important weather-reporting station. Every year many thousands of photos are taken of the lighthouse and the signpost giving the direction to many places including London, Sydney, Tokyo, the Equator, Bluff, the South Pole, Vancouver, Los Angeles and the Tropic of Capricorn.



Copenhagen Lightship

Copenhagen Lightship
Originally uploaded by admanchester.
Fyrskib XI Drogden
1878 (F. Sparre, Nysted, Lolland). Decommissioned 1977. 35 m (115 ft) wood lightship; the light was displayed from a lantern atop the mainmast. Hull painted red with a white horizontal band; superstructure painted white, lantern red. A 2007 photo is at right, and Google has a satellite view. Never powered, the ship served from 1919 to 1977 on the Drogden station. In 1977 it was sold to an artist, Bo Bonfils, who built aditional superstructure to serve as a residence and studio. Since then, the ship has been in the hands of several private owners; the current owner, Stig Romain Andresen, bought the ship in 2005. Moored on the Frederiksholm Canal in København and in use as a private residence. Site and vessel closed, but the ship can be viewed from the quay. Owner/site manager: private. ARLHS DEN-231.




ANNABEL LEE @ Fotokritik.com

Senelerce,senelerce evveldi,
Bir deniz ülkesinde
Yaşayan bir kız vardı,bileceksiniz
İsmi Annabel Lee;
Hiçbir şey düşünmezdi sevilmekten
Sevmekten başka beni.
O çocuk ben çocuk,memleketimiz
O deniz ülkesiydi,
Sevdalı değil karasevdalıydık
Ben ve Annabel Lee;
Göklerde uçan melekler bile
Kıskanırlardı bizi.
Bir gün işte bu yüzden göze geldi
O deniz ülkesinde,
Üşüdü rüzgarından bir bulutun
Güzelim Annabel Lee...

Edgar Allen POE

Öncelikle modelliği için canım arkadaşım Derya’ya sonra yardımları için UfukCRY’a ve siz izleyenlere sonsuz teşekkürler...



*Rêverie, originally uploaded by *6261.

Photo Exhibition
遊 -Enjoy Camera Life-

Art Gallery LE DECO 6F
Shibuya, Tokyo
25.11.2008 - 30.11.2008

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Beacons of the sea Lighthouses

Taking their Turkish name, 'fener', from ancient Alexandria's Pharos, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, lighthouses are the sailor's faithful friend.

For centuries mariners have found their way by looking at the stars. For them the tiny rays stars transmit are as important as their actual position in the sky. Over time however light sources illuminating the sea from land became mariners' guides, safeguarding especially navigators sailing close to shore from disaster. Developing technology has of course gradually reduced the need for such guides today. Yes, we are talking about lighthouses. Those white towers which while sustaining an, albeit nostalgic, existence are regarded today as an historic legacy in many parts of the world.
The first known lighthouse was built by the Phoenicians at Sigeon (today's Çanakkale-Kumkale) in the 7th century B.C. The lighthouse at Alexandria, one of the most imposing structures of antiquity, was built by Sostrates of Cnidus on the island of Pharos in 280 B.C.

From Sinop-Inceburun in the north to Anamur in the south, there are 415 lighthouses of varying size along Turkey's 8334 km coastline, which extends from Igneada to Hopa on the Black Sea, and from Çanakkale-Seddülbahir on the Dardanelles to Hatay-Akinciburnu on the Mediterranean. According to the sources, construction of the first modern lighthouse in Turkey followed a serious maritime accident at the entrance to the Bosphorus at Istanbul, when a galleon, under the command of Haci Kaptan and carrying commercial goods to Egypt, ran aground in the night at Kumkapi in 1755. No sooner did the reigning sultan, Osman II, hear of the disaster than he instructed the Admiral of the Ottoman Fleet, Süleyman Pasha, to have the first lighthouse built in Istanbul's Ahirkapi quarter.


Fener / Sinyal Adı : KIZILADA FENERİ

Kuruluş Tarihi : 01/01/1910

Bölge : Akdeniz

İl : Muğla

İlçe : Fethiye


Karakter : W. Fl. 5.0 Sn.

Karakter Açıklama : 1.0 + 4.0

Görünme Mesafesi : 15 MİL

Yükseklik : 13

Denizden Yükseklik : 32

Fener Tipi : TİDELAND ML 300 mm

Fener Sistemi : DEVVAR

Flasher Tipi : TF -3B

Ampul Cinsi : 35 W.

Ampul Tipi : 12 V. HALOJEN

Şamandıra Tipi :


Kuzey : 36 39 12N

Doğu : 29 02 30E

Kızılada Feneri Hatıra Parası

Nominal Değeri 50 TL

Metal 925 Ayar Gümüş

Çap 38,61 mm.

Ağırlık 31,47 gr.

Baskı Özelliği Proof

Kenar Tırtıllı

Maximum Baskı 3.000

Sanatçı H.Basri HOŞAFÇI

Tedavül Süresi 29.12.2008 - 29.12.2010


Happy New Year, 2010

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