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Howth Dublin

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Far From Home

Far From Home
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Le Phare

Le Phare
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"Quand le ciel éteindra ses étoiles avares,
Pour éclairer l’espoir, l’homme a planté des phares
Sur les rocs, les écueils, la pointe des îlots ;
Dès que meurt le soleil, la côte illuminée
Déploie avec lenteur une large traînée
De sa lumière ardente à l’horizon des flots."
André Lemoyne, Les Phares

Many thanks to :
Landscape : Wretched Hollow
Textures : Pixmaniaque
Moon : funerium from Resurgere on DeviantArt.


The Long Leg

The Long Leg, ca.1930, painted by Edward Hopper (1882-1967) brings the serenity of the ocean to life and speaks of isolation and alone”ness”.  Hopper’s paintings are characterised by melancholy, isolation and loneliness.  The Long Leg depicts a sail boat at Long Point Light in Provincetown, Massachussetts at about 3 o’clock in the afternoon.  Although it depicts a leisure scene, no people are visible on the boat or the shore and this mood of isolation is said to reflect the abstract, impersonal symbol of Modernism.
Painting aside, the idea of being alone and being lonely are often confused with being synonymous with each other.  Being alone can be energising, strengthening & helpful to discover the peace within.  It has become such a rarity to experience the pure treasure of being alone without either the feelings of stress & anxiety that comes with some busy lives or without feeling lonely.  Learning to appreciate your own company might be harder for some people than others, but making friends with yourself and learning not to yearn for or hide behind the company of others is good for you!
Being alone can help to re-orientate you, help you to move forward and come to terms with your feelings or actions.  Being alone is actually only a problem when you feel lonely.  Feeling lonely in a crowd may reflect how you feel about yourself in relation to other people.
Aromatherapy is beneficial for both the positive state of alone”ness” and it’s negative sister, loneliness.


Amanece en Portocolom


Hanya Feneri


Deniz Feneri

Bir Denizfeneri.. Okyanusla sonsuza dek komşu. Okyanusun mu ona daha çok ihtiyacı var yoksa, denizfeneri mi okyanus için vazgeçilmez bir sevgili?
Gündüzleri, denizfeneri isyanlarda... Çünkü yanıbaşındaki biricik sevgilisi gözlerinin önünde güneşle ihtirasla sevişmekte. Hep gece olsun ister, sevgilisi ona kalsın, yalnız onda bulsun gecedeki renginin güzelliğini... Denizfeneri, küçücüktür okyanusa göre ama güneşin aşkından daha büyüktür aşkı okyanusa...
Geceleri ise denizfeneri, mutluluklar peşindedir, gecenin esrarengiz sessizliğinde. Her ışık turunda çıldırır denizfeneri zevkten, adeta danseder okyanusun en uzak noktalarına uzanarak. Daha gerçektir denizfeneri, gece sadece o ve okyanus vardır sınırlı görüş gizliliğinde.



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Nadas, Feridun Düzağaç


500px / Photo "lighthouse" by jay santos

this is an old lighthouse up north of the Philippines. it doesn't work anymore but from up the top, you can see the vastness of the ocean on one side and the mountaintops on the other. Nikon D80, 135mm kit lens.

jay santos


Mark Gannon

The 12 human canvasses have posed nude covered in images of the Jurassic Coast for charity.
Models body paintedModels' backs are body painted as landscapes
Body painter Mark Gannon created the art work of the iconic landscapes – including Durdle Door, Portland Bill Lighthouse, Golden Cap and Sandford Castle – on faces, backs and bottoms.
'I liked the sound of him and he has been brilliant,' said 61-year-old Cheryl Reynolds, who came up with the idea.
'He's come up with loads of ideas for the calendar and nothing has ever been too much for him.
'I had a sabre tooth tiger fossil on my bottom and I was lying there for two hours while he painted it.
'We are all up for a laugh and to raise a bit of money for charity and have some fun.
'That's what it's all about,' added Mrs Reynolds, from Lyme Regis, Dorset.
The Jurassic Coast is a World Heritage Site and stretches from Orcombe Point near Exmouth in East Devon to Old Harry Rocks near Swanage in East Dorset, a distance of 153km (95 miles).

Read more: http://www.metro.co.uk/news/383271-models-body-painted-as-landscapes#ixzz1BI6WT7Ly

Greeting the light

Greeting the light
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Smygehuk (Taken with cell phone camera)
The southernmost point of Sweden and the Scandinavian Peninsula.


Skeletal Mess

55°20′14″N 13°21′30″E


PemaQuid Lighthouse, Maine

PemaQuid Lighthouse, Maine
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This is an image from my New England fall tour this year which took me to Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, New York, and Mass. This particular image is from Maine along the coast. One of the better known lighthouses called Pemaquid Lighthouse. I know this place has been shot alot but when you are from the West Coast and you never seen this place it is quite something with lots of possibilities.

Portland Head Lighthouse Maine

I am sorry for posting another one that a million people have shot but I was so happy to finally see the lighthouse that I have been seeing everywhere for the last couple of years. This is of course Portland Head Lighthouse in Maine.

Point Atkinson-Lighthouse Park -Vancouver

The following image is from a trip to see my family in West Vancouver. It is amazing that I had a lighthouse like this in my backyard and was not even aware of it until I got into photography few years ago. It is funny to think I travelled hundreds of miles to shoot the Portland Lighthouse in Maine and this one right next to me was almost forgotten.
I guess it is always important to see what is in your backyard...

I took several different compositions of this and did an article on how to work a scene in terms of composition on my photo blog which can be seen with the link below

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Peggy's Cove Lighthouse Nova Scotia

This is an image from my fall trip to Canada. This infamous lighthouse is called Peggy's Cove in Nova Scotia. I was fortunate enough to spend three days here shooting several sunrises and sunsets. This is one of the most stunning lighthouses I have seen in my lifetime.

Thanks for looking and appreciate and feedback

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