Lighthouse Point, Santa Cruz

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Point Santa Cruz Lighthouse

The current working brick lighthouse was erected as a memorial to Mark Abbott, a surfer who drowned nearby in 1965. The lighthouse was built by his parents in 1967, and houses a surfing museum. The lantern room is from the 1903 Oakland Harbor Lighthouse.

The original lighthouse was erected on Point Santa Cruz in 1869. In 1878, the lighthouse was moved inland about 300 feet due to gradual erosion of caves underneath the point. During the 1940's the lighthouse was replaced by an automated wooden tower and the original structure was razed for salvage.

Location: Santa Cruz, CA
Photographer: Ron Karpel
Email: ronny@karpel.org
Phone: 415-987-5109
Date: December 7, 2003
ID: 20040229_02

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