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An interesting shot of the light on Strumble Head. Well, I like it anyway...

Strumble Head Lighthouse stands on Ynys Meicl (meaning St. Michael's Island), a rocky island at the northwest corner of Pencaer, five miles west of the town of Fishguard, in northern Pembrokeshire, Wales.
It was erected in 1908 to improve the safety of sea traffic, warning of rocky coast and strong currents that had claimed at least 60 ships in the 19th century alone and serving as a navigational aid.
Although Ynys Meicl is connected to the mainland via a narrow bridge, building on the island presented many difficulties usually associated with building lighthouses on more remote islands.
The light mechanism which enabled the light to flash four times every 15 seconds was originally clockwork and required winding every 12 hours. The lighthouse was electrified in 1965 and fully automated (unstaffed) in 1980.
Those familiar with transatlantic aviation may recognise the name from Strumble VOR.

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