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Winter Solstice Sunset

Winter Solstice Sunset
Originally uploaded by gustaffo89.

Position 49 26.2 N 02 42.1 W


oil on canvas 28X38cm 2010
Coordinates: 37.4453°N 25.3284°E

from margopainting.blogspot.com


Gunnar Larssen

Lighthouses photos by gunnarlarssen.no


Yasemini Fastnet

by www.yasemini.com


Corfu lighthouse

Corfu lighthouseThe Sidero lighthouse, on the Greek island of Corfu, is located in the massive Corfu citadel in the town of Kerkyra. It was built in 1828 by the British, who were then the occupying power, as the main navigation aid for ships entering the naval base.
by picqero


Day 12

Day 12
Originally uploaded by Janey Lu.
Word for today: See

I think at times we take things for granted.
Things like life, health, vision...etc.
What if we opened our eyes and really saw the good things in life?
What if we felt the cool breeze and didn't shiver and complain, "It's too cold!".
What is we felt it and appreciated the freshness of this life and the constant changing weather.
We have the opportunity to live and I fear the fact that many of us just don't.

A few days ago I talked about an older lady I met at work.
She was riding an amigo and had just gotten hit by a car.
Something she said to me has been popping up in my head constantly.
She looked up at me and said, "If I were young again, there are so many things I would do...There is so much I should have done..."
I don't want to look back and say that someday.
There are real lessons to learn.
We have to open our eyes and really see.

This is life. Open your eyes.
You only live once. Open your eyes.
Beauty is all around you. Open your eyes.
Time is short. And though darkness surrounds us there is so much light.
Just open your eyes.

~Janey Lu


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Whiteford Point Lighthouse #5

Whiteford Point Lighthouse #5
back from our hols in Gower, South Wales.
Built in 1865, this was the last cast-iron lighthouse to be built in Britain, and is now the only one to bewave washed at high tide. At low-tide you can clamber over the rocks and reach it. More details of this lighthouse here. Although considerably older it reminded me of the sea forts I shot last year
Holga 120S + Kodak Ektachrome E100G


Türkiye'nin Deniz Fenerleri

Fener/Sinyal Adı, İl, İlçe, Yer

İstanbul Boğazı

*Ahırkapı Feneri, İstanbul, Eminönü, Rıhtım Üzerinde
*Ahırkapı Işıklı Şamandırası, İstanbul, Eminönü, İstanbul Kumkapı
*Anadolu Feneri, İstanbul, İstanbul Boğazının Kuzey Doğusundaki Burun Üzerinde
*Anadolu Hisarı Işıklı Şamandıra, İstanbul, Göksu Deresi Ağzında
*Anadolu Kavak Feneri, İstanbul, Kavakburnu Üzerinde
*Anadolu Kavak Filburnu Feneri, İstanbul, Filburnu Mevkii
*Anadolukavak İşaret Şamandırası, İstanbul, Beykoz, İstanbul Boğazı Acartop Yönü
*Arnavutköy Feneri, İstanbul, Arnavutköy Akıntı Burnunda
*Balta Limanı Feneri, İstanbul, Hidrobiyoloji Enstitüsü Bahçesinde
*Bebek (Kırmızı) Işıklı Şamandırası, İstanbul, Beşiktaş, Bebek Koyu
*Bebek Feneri, İstanbul, Bebek Koyu Bankı Üzerinde
*Bebek İşaret Şamandırası ( 1 ) Numara, İstanbul, Bebek Koyu
*Bebek İşaret Şamandırası ( 2 ) Numara, İstanbul, Bebek Koyu
*Bebek Yeşil Işıklı Şamandırası, İstanbul, Beşiktaş, Bebek Koyu
*Beykoz İncirköy Feneri, İstanbul, Beykoz, Beykoz İncirköy Shell Deposu Yanı
*Beykoz Selviburnu Feneri, İstanbul, Beykoz, Beykoz
*Beylerbeyi Feneri, İstanbul, Beylerbeyi Sarayının Kuzeyindeki İhata Duvarının Üzerinde
*Büyükdere Feneri, İstanbul, Büyükdere İskelesi Ucunda
*Büyükliman Çalıburnu Feneri, İstanbul, Çalıburnu Üzerinde
*Çalıburnu Işıklı Şamandırası, İstanbul, İstanbul Boğazı
*Çengelköy Feneri, İstanbul, Kuleli Askeri Lisesi Sahilinde



Ahırkapı Lighthouse
Media publicity of the International Lighthouses Symposium which are going to be held in Şile Dedeman Hotel on 12-13 June has been made within the context of 150th year celebration of Şile Lighthouse by FMV Işık University.


Akliman Sinop

by Sadal Melek



by Paul


IJdoorn, midwinter

IJdoorn, midwinter
Originally uploaded by Nescio.
The old lighthouse of Amsterdam called: ‘IJdoorn’, or ‘Hoek van het IJ’. From 1700 to the end of the 19 th century it was a stone structure, but this one is made of iron in the fashion of the industrial revolution. It stands on a small island, overlooking a polder near Durgerdam. The polder is a nature reserve where a lot of birds can be seen.

Lachie Robertson and his girl n An Sulaire out of Mallaig

Lachie Robertson and his girl n An Sulaire out of Mallaig

Panorama Markermeer

Panorama Markermeer
Originally uploaded by Nescio.
Lighthouse, island Marken. Must be seen large.

Paard van Marken, groot bekijken.

Castle Hill Light

Castle Hill Light
Originally uploaded by Willie Waw.
Castle Hill Lighthouse at the entrance the East Passage into Narragansett Bay was built in 1890. Castle Hill Inn shows in the background of this shot taken from the brigantine Fritha.

Visit Sailscape for more info.


Narragansett Bay Yawl

Narragansett Bay Yawl
Originally uploaded by Willie Waw.
A fair breeze drives a handsome yawl into Wickford Harbor -- looks like he may be single-handing.

Vuurtoren Eiland Durgerdam 4

Vuurtoren Eiland Durgerdam 4
Originally uploaded by Nescio.
The Durgerdam lighthouse was built around 1880. The original lighthouse from 1700 was a brick structure. The official name is IJdoorn Lighthouse, or Hoek van het IJ.
In the background one of the icebreakers, which must keep the shippingroute open, is visible.

Schooner Madeleine and Castle Hill Light

Schooner Madeleine and Castle Hill Light

Schooner Madeleine from Newport heads out into Block Island Sound late on a fall afternoon.


Originally uploaded by dangerdame.


Fastnet rock

REF : EKT_0082
Fastnet rock - 35mm Slide by Jacques Vapillon


The Lizard Lighthouse


Established 1619
Height Of Tower 19 Metres
Height Of Light Above Mean High Water 70 Metres
Automated Scheduled For 1998
Electrified 1924
Lamp 400 Watt Mbi
Optic 1 Kw Metal Halide
Character One White Flash Every 3 Seconds
Intensity 800,000 Candelas
Range Of Light 26 nautical miles
Fog Signal Character 1 Blasts Every 30 Seconds

Position 49° 57'.58 N 05° 12'.07 W


Sestos and Abydos

A Relief of Hero and Leander
In 480 BC, the Persian King Xerxes moved to attack Greece with one of the greatest armies that had so far been assembled. He ordered the construction of a bridge across the Hellespont between Abydos and Sestos where the crossing distance was least [26]. He must have had a large navy too, for he was able to spare enough of it to form two parallel rows of ships called penteconters and trieremes - 360 in one and 314 in the other. These were lashed together and anchored across the Channel. A roadway was then constructed on top, made from planking covered with soil, and with side panels added so that the animals would not take fright as they crossed.
The story of Hero and Leander is an essential part of our study. In the style of Romeo and Juliet, the waters of the Hellespont separated these two famous lovers. At the narrowest point of the

Yokohama Marine Tower

Yokohama Marine Tower (横浜マリンタワー, Yokohama Marin Tawā?) is a 106 metre high (348 ft) lattice tower with an observation deck at a height of 100 metres in Naka Ward, Yokohama, Japan.
The light characteristic is marked by a flash every twenty seconds, whereby the light's colour is alternating red and green. Originally, at night, the tower shaft itself was lit green and red according to its markings, but now, after the reopening on May 2009, the lights are white.

Yokohama Marine Tower was inaugurated in 1961. The Marine Tower is the tallest lighthouse in the world. In clear conditions, visitors can see Mount Fuji from the 100-metre high observation deck.
On December 25, 2006, Marine Tower temporarily shut its doors. Then the city of Yokohama took over ownership, to restore it. After the renovations, Marine Tower was reopened on May 23, 2009, in time for the city's 150th anniversary celebrations.
Coordinates 35°26′38″N 139°39′03″E


2010 Virtual Photowalk - Angles, Skywatch friday

Lighthouse on the north part of Öland, called Långe Erik (tall Eric). The one in the south part of Öland is called Långe Jan :-) This photo is SOOC. Visit Skywatch Friday
Coordinates 57°22′N 17°06′E


Yolumu aydınlat denizfeneri


Dunnet Head Lighthouse near Thurso, Sutherland


Originally uploaded by Semi-detached.
A surrealist take on a lighthouse in Lossiemouth, Scotland.


Glowing Staircase at the Lighthouse

The lighthouse is a design and architecture centre in Mitchell lane, Glasgow. It has a 360 degree viewing platform at the top of the excellent circular staircase pictured here.

Cabo Vilán (Costa da Morte)

Cabo Vilán (Costa da Morte)
Originally uploaded by Chairego.
Cabo Vilán (o cabo Vilano), en A Costa da Morte. Se sitúa en el municipio de Camariñas, en el litoral de A Coruña. El faro de cabo Vilán señala uno de los tramos más peligrosos de la Costa da Morte, pero también es de los más hermosos. Erguido a 125 metros de altitud y unido al antiguo edificio de los fareros, posee un potente cañón de luz capaz de alcanzar los 55 km. Es el faro eléctrico más antiguo de España. El enclave fue declarado de interés nacional en 1933 por ser un lugar rocoso y escarpado y hoy en día es monumento natural. En 1890, el navío inglés Serpent que navegaba hacia Sierra Leona se hundió cerca de aquí a causa de un temporal pereciendo 173 hombres que están enterrados en el cementerio de los Ingleses, a escasa distancia del faro Vilán, que hoy, 23 de enero, es testigo de otro fuerte temporal que azota las costas gallegas, y especialmente las A Costa da Morte.

Cape Vilan (or out Vilano), in A Costa da Morte. It is situated in the municipality of Camariñas, on the coast of A Coruña. Lighthouse Vilán points out one of the most dangerous sections of the Costa da Morte, but it is also the most beautiful. Erect to 125 meters high and linked to the former building of the lighthouse keeper, has a powerful light cannon capable of reaching 55 km.It is the oldest electric lighthouse in Spain. The enclave was declared of national interest in 1933 for being a rugged and rocky place today is a natural monument. In 1890, the Serpent English ship that sailed to Sierra Leone sank near here because of a temporary 173 men who perished were buried in the cemetery of the English, a short distance from the lighthouse Vilan, today, Jan. 23, is witnessed another strong storms hit the coast of Galicia, and especially the A Costa da Morte.

Breogán y su torre (Hércules)

Breogán y su torre (Hércules)
Originally uploaded by Chairego.
Pétrea y regia figura de Breogán, el mítico rey celta de Galicia, con la torre de Hércules al fondo (A Coruña-España), que él construyó, según la tradición. El monumento, de 59 metros de altura, revestido de un inusual andamiaje por mor de una operación de limpieza, es el símbolo universal que identifica la ciudad coruñesa. A Breogán, que acabaría asesinado en Irlanda, también se le atribuye la fundación de Brigantia, la actual Betanzos. Del mismo modo, es representado como el padre mitológico del pueblo gallego. Por eso, Galicia es descrita poéticamente como ‘fogar’ o ‘nazón’ de Breogán, tal como se expresa en ‘Os Pinos’, el himno gallego, basado en el poema homónimo de Eduardo Condal, musicado por el mindoniense Pascual Veiga.


The Walton Lighthouse

The Walton Lighthouse
Originally uploaded by Ivan Makarov.
Located in Santa Cruz, California, Walton Lighthouse (named after one of its patrons, Charles Walton) was built in the Fall of 2001, which makes it the newest lighthouse in the Northern California part of the Coast.

For me, this lighthouse is more about the Seacliff Beach that it is located on than anything else. For that reason I wanted sand and waves to dominate the composition here.

This image is #28 in my 100/365 project.



Originally uploaded by mjkwak.
Torre de Hercules al fondo


Originally uploaded by Chencho Mendoza.

Tower of Hercules

Tower of Hercules*
UNESCO World Heritage Site

A coruna torre de hercules sunset edit.jpg
State Party Spain
Region**Europe and North America
Inscription history
Inscription2009  (33rd Session)
Name as inscribed on World Heritage List.
** Region as classified by UNESCO.
The Tower of Hercules (Galician and SpanishTorre de Hércules) is an ancient Roman lighthouse on a peninsula about 2.4 kilometers (1.5 miles) from the centre of A CoruñaGalicia, in north-western Spain. The name Corunna is said to be derived from the ancient columna, meaning column. The structure is 55 metres (180 ft) tall and overlooks the North Atlantic coast of Spain. The structure, almost 1900 years old and rehabilitated in 1791, is the oldest Roman lighthouse still used as a lighthouse.
The Tower of Hercules is a National Monument of Spain, and since June, 27 2009 the Tower of Herculesis also considered an UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is the second tallest lighthouse in Spain, after the Faro de Chipiona.

The tower remains a sentinel from days long past. It is known to have existed by the 2nd century, built or perhaps rebuilt under Trajan, perhaps on foundations and just possibly following a design that was Phoenician in origin. It is thought to be modeled after the Pharos Lighthouse of Alexandria. At its base is preserved the cornerstone with the inscription MARTI AUG.SACR C.SEVIVS LUPUS ARCHTECTUS AEMINIENSIS LVSITANVS.EX.VO, permitting the original lighthouse tower to be ascribed to the architect Gaius Sevius Lupus, from Aeminium (present-day CoimbraPortugal) in the former province of Lusitania, as an ex voto dedicated to Mars. The tower has been in constant use since the 2nd century and considered to be the oldest existing lighthouse in the world. Originally it was constructed with an ascending ramp encircling its sides, for oxen to bring cartloads of wood to keep the light fueled at night.Construction and history

The earliest surviving mention of the lighthouse at Brigantium is by Paulus Orosius in Historiae adversum Paganos written ca 415 – 417:
Secundus angulus circium intendit, ubi Brigantia Gallaeciae civitas sita altissimum farum et inter pauca memorandi operis ad speculam Britanniae erigit” ("At the second angle of the circuit [circumnavigating Hispania], where the Gallaecian city of Brigantia is sited, a very tall lighthouse is erected among a few commemorative works, for looking towards Britannia.")


Faro da Frouxeira

43° 37,1' N 8° 11,3' L

Port Hueneme Lighthouse

Port Hueneme Lighthouse
Originally uploaded by Kurt Preissler.
Many people do not know that Oxnard, Port Heuneme has a lighthouse. The original light house looked like the San Luis Lighthouse located near San Luis Obispo.

Susanna Majuri

Susanna Majuri: Elskar Fyr, 2006.

Stabben Fyr, 2009


lighthouse in copenhagen

 by Rodney Liu 


Ahırkapı Feneri


Kilauea Lighthouse

kilauea lighthouse
Originally uploaded by ladybugrock.

Cape Neddick Light Station

Cape Neddick Light Station


Lighthouse Data (aka Nubble Light)

Established:July 1, 1879
Light List:Aid No. 125/J0226
Position:N 43° 09' 54"W 70° 35' 28"
Nautical Chart
Cape Neddick, near the entrance to York River; York, Maine
Characteristic:Iso R 6s (2) [6 seconds Red
alternating with 6 sec darkness
Original Optics:Fourth-order Fresnel Lens -1879 (3)
Present optic:Fourth-order Fresnel Lens -1928
Elevation:88-feet high Focal Plane
Range:13 nautical miles visible reach at sea
41-feet high White Conical Cast iron lined with brick Tower with Black Lantern
Fog signal:One Second blast every 10 seconds
First Keeper:Nathaniel Otterson
Automated:July 13, 1987
Current Use:Active aid to navigation,
U.S. Coast Guard Access to Optic;
Owned by the Town of York since June 20, 1998

Cape Neddick Map

Cap Fréhel

Coordinates48°41′N 2°19′W

Cap Fréhel is a peninsula in Côtes-d'Armor, in northern BrittanyFrance which extends off the Côte d'Émeraude into the Golfe de Saint-Malo. No towns or villages are situated on the peninsula however two lighthouses, one from the 17th century and the other one from 1950, are located at the tip of it. The Cap is located 8.5 km from the town centre of Fréhel.
The peninsula is surrounded by mainly cliffs which make it difficult to access it via sea. The whole of the undulating terrain is covered in moorland and marshes which make it difficult to construct any structure on the site.

Bretagna, Guardiano del faro - Bretagne, Lighthouse Keeper

lonely seagull

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