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Happisburgh Lighthouse

Location: Happisburgh, Norfolk, England
WGS-84 (GPS)
52°49.17′N 01°32.32′E / 52.8195°N 1.53867°E / 52.8195; 1.53867
Year first lit: 1791
Automated: 1929
Construction: Masonry
Tower shape: round
Height: 26 m (85 ft)
Focal Height: 15 m
Current lens: Catadioptric Fixed Lens
Range: 14 nm (26 km)
Characteristic: White group flashing 3 times every 30 seconds

Happisburgh Lighthouse is the oldest working light in East Anglia, and the only independently run lighthouse in Great Britain.

Built in 1790, orginally one of a pair - the tower is 85ft tall and the lantern is 134ft above sea level. The 'low light' which was discontinued in 1883 was 20ft lower and the pair formed leading lights marking safe passage around the southern end of the treacherous Haisborogh Sands.

Today the lighthouse is painted white with three red bands, and has a light charcteristic of Fl (3) W 30s (3 white flashes, repeated every 30secs) with a range of 18 miles.

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