Turkey Point Light Station

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Turkey Point Light Station Inc.
P.O. Box 412
North East, MD 21901

Built by John Donohoo

Tower is 35’ high

Situated on a 100 foot bluff

Highest of 74 lighthouses on the Bay

Original tower had a panel of red glass to warn ships they were approaching shallows

Beacon was originally visible for 13 miles

Owned by U.S. Coast Guard

Maintained by the Turkey Point Light Station, Inc.

Featured in the movie, Absolute Power, starring Clint Eastwood

Originally was a Lewis Lamp which used an Argand-style lamp and a reflector

Changed to a Fresnel Lens which used a lamp that burned spermaceti (whale oil)

Switched to kerosene in late 1870’s

Changed to incandescent oil vapor lamp in late 1800’s

Electrified in 1943

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