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L'Agulhas - where the Indian and Atlantic Oceans meet. It means Cape of Needles (referring to the jagged rocks of the coastline and also the fact that a compass shows no real deviation between true north and magnetic north at this spot). L'Agulhas gets its rich heritage from the shipwreck survivors of many nationalities who settled in this desolate place. Please read more about it on the link above.

There was a 5 minute window period in an otherwise stormy day. It seemed fitting to take this picture. This was taken a couple of winters ago. I can't wait for winter to arrive - can you tell? :)

If you have a moment, please do yourself a favour and listen to this wonderful song sung here by two great artists - Katie Melua and the late Eva Cassidy. What a wonderful re-work.
Somewhere over the rainbow

The Lighthouse

Second oldest working lighthouse in South Africa. Erected in 1848 and restored in 1988 to original plan. Built in Pharos style. Restaurant and Lighthouse museum.

History Overview
1840 It was decided in Cape Town to collect money in order to erect a lighthouse at the southernmost point of Africa. Donations from the public and the authorities were supplemented by contributions from Calcutta, Bombay, Madras, St Helena and London.
1847-8 Building operations started on 1 April 1847 and were completed in December 1848
1849 On 1 March the Lighthouse started functioning. Initially, oil derived from sheep's tail-fat was used for the lamp, which produced a stationary white light of approximately 4 500 candlepower.
1905 The tail-fat burner was replaced by an oil burner.
1914 A rotating optical system which radiated a white light of 470 000 candlepower every four seconds was put into use.
1936 An electric light generating 12 000 000 candlepower was installed.
1968 The lighthouse fell into disuse and was replaced by a warning light on an aluminium tower.
1973 The limestone building, which was modelled on the design of the Pharos of Alexandria, a lighthouse in Egypt and one of the seven wonders of the ancient World, was declared a national monument.
1983-8 The tower was restored to its original glory and permission was granted for it to be used as a museum under the authority of the board of Trustees of the bredasdorp Museum.
1988 Since 25 March 1988 the cape Agulhas Lighthouse has once again beamed its light over both oceans.
1994 On 28 January the Lighthouse Museum was officially opened.


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