Pigeon Point Lighthouse

Pigeon Point Lighthouse
Originally uploaded by Darvin Atkeson.
Yes, this is a real and Yes the lighthouse puts out 24 beams in all directions at once. This 8 second exposure means that in real time the 24 beams are 1/8th the width of those shown in the image due to the rotation of the lens. To see just how wide the beams really are, take a look at this shot:

Star of the Pacific

We attended the 2008 lighting of Pigeon Point Lighthouse. It was a nice,
warm and crystal clear night with thousands of stars which is rare for a
November night on the Pacific Coast (see my previous image). This image is
from my visit in November 2007 and was a more typical windy, damp and cold
night where you could see the fog constantly changing in the beams of the
lighthouse. It was a miserable night but well worth the effort as often is the case.

The 2008 showing may be the last for several years and if the lighthouse does not find the necessary funding for repairs sights light this may pass forever in to history.

© Darvin Atkeson
California Photographer

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