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Today's Friedrichsort was 1590 still Prießorth (Orth is lead, so lead by Pries) called. Then, the builder of the castle where the area in 1631 named after himself, Christianpris (Pris is Danish for price). 1727 the new owner named it after himself Friedrichsorth, which then became Friedrichsort. The name meaning is "The advantage of Friedrich."

At the narrowest point of the Kiel Fjord built the Danish King Christian IV in 1631, the Fort Christian Pries. Europe was at this time in the Thirty Years War. Already in 1634 the fortress was used by Swedish troops, then down and dilapidated. Christian's successor, Frederick III. Built the fortress in the
years 1663 to 1667 and re-named it in fortress Friedrichsort order. Among the Prussians were
further military production facilities added. Until now the place is its history as a military base to be. 1922 were Pries and Friedrichsort after Kiel incorporated, as a consequence both places more and more merged. During the Second World War was the largest share of historical buildings were destroyed surface.
However, the fortress served with its casemates in the immediate postwar period for many war refugees as accommodation. The Bundeswehr operation in a signal point and salute batteries.
During this time, in addition to conservation measures and further intervention in the historical substance made. Receive are still a few walls, a number of listed buildings of the Prussian time and in the casemates 80 rooms with an area of 6,500 square meters. After an intense collaboration with site management, community and employment prospects, the Federal Institute for tasks such historic property, approximately 90,000 square meter property to the
new owner, the Friedrichsort Verwaltungs GmbH, pass. This was the first by the company for the development, acquisition and operation (gebb) began, in 2003 but deferred recovery activity be successfully completed. The new owner wants the fortress will open to the public and known.

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