Lighthouse in approaching Storm

There’s a Lighthouse in the Storm
By: Norma W. Beaird, Copyright 2002
Published in "Branches of Poetry", 2002

Sometimes my life is like the sea,
And raging waters cover me,
Sometimes my path is smooth as glass,
And then a rainstorm comes to pass.
But if a storm cloud brings you pain,
Remember rainbows follow rain,
And though the journey has you worn,
The darkest night will lead to dawn,
When there’s Lighthouse in the storm.

There is a cross at Calvary,
That covers those who will believe,
And when your boat in life is tossed,
You’ll find your answer is the cross.
And if a flood begins to rise,
Get underneath the blood of Christ,
So you need never be alarmed,
For He will keep you safe from harm,
When there’s a Lighthouse in the storm.

There is a Lighthouse in the storm,
Though my sails are beat and torn,
There is a Light that holds the key,
To peace of mind on troubled seas,
And as His light is shining bright,
I seem to lose my fear of night,
For when you’re safe within God’s arms,
You know you’ll never be alone,
For He’s the Lighthouse in the storm.

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