The Titanic Memorial Lighthouse, New York

This is the Titanic Memorial Lighthouse on the corner of Fulton Street and Water Street in New York, at the entrance to the South Street Seaport Museum. Raised by public subscription in 1915, it originally stood on the corner of the roof of the Seaman's' Church Institute of New York, at South Street and Coenties Slip.

This picture shows the lighthouse in its original position on top of the Seamans Mission, which was demolished in 1967. This postcard is shown by kind permission of George Behe, from his private collection ( Titanic Memorial Lighthouse on Seamans Mission © George Behe).

T I T A N I C  M E M O R I A L  L I G H T H O U S E

This lighthouse is a memorial to the passengers, officers and
crew who died as heroes when the steamship Titanic sank
after collision with an iceberg.

APRIL 15, 1912

This lighthouse was originally erected by public subscription
In 1915 it stood above the East river on the corner of the old
Seaman's' Church Institute at the corner of South Street and
Coenties Slip from 1915 to 1967. The time ball at the top of the
lighthouse would drop down the pole to signal twelve noon to
the ships in this harbour. This time ball mechanism was activated
by a telegraphic signal from the National Observatory in
Washington, D.C.

In July 1968 the Seaman's' Church Institute moved to its present
quarters at 15 Street. That year the Titanic Memorial
Lighthouse was donated by the Kaiser-Nelson steel and salvage
corporation to the South Street Seaport Museum. It was erected
on this corner at the entrance to the museum complex in
in May 1976 with funds provided by the Exxon Corporation.

South Street Seaport Museum

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