The Lighthouse at the End of the World, Dünyanın Ucundaki Fener

Dünyanın Ucundaki Fener, (Fransızca: Le Phare du bout du monde) Jules Verne'in bir macera romanıdır. İlk olarak 1905 yılında yazarının ölümünden sonra yayımlanmıştır. 1971 yılında The Light at the Edge of the World adıyla sinema filmine uyarlanmıştır.

The Lighthouse at the End of the World (French: Le Phare du bout du monde) is an adventure novel by French author Jules Verne. It was first published posthumously in 1905. The plot of the novel involves piracy in the South Atlantic during the mid-19th century, with a theme of survival in extreme circumstances, and events centering on an isolated lighthouse. Verne was inspired by the real lighthouse at the Isla de los Estados, near Tierra del Fuego.
Although not as well known as Verne's other novels, it is generally considered as good by Verne's fans and the literature critics. In 1971 the novel was adapted into a movie, The Light at the Edge of the World.


Lighthouse San Juan del Salvamento in the east (1898)

The light at the edge of the worldThe light at the edge of the world: It was lovely being in the old Quipon lighthouse in Newfoundland and wondering what had happened, and then I heard the following day that there had been a murder there years ago, in the 1900s. What I loved about it was the view from outside - to see the Atlantic you suddenly get an idea of this monstrous piece of water, the extraordinary size. I loved it. That was a real highlight for me, just standing looking at the sea

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