Lighthouse Society Visa Credit Card

Now is your chance to have a lighthouse on your credit card!
Introducing the official
U.S. Lighthouse Society Visa Credit Card

With three types to choose from, one is sure to fit into your lifestyle...
and the Visa Classic has no annual fee!

The U. S. Lighthouse Society has partnered with
First National Bank of Northern California to offer
a credit card with a beautiful photo of
Pigeon Point Lighthouse from our historic archive.
Every time you use your U.S. Lighthouse Society Visa,
everyone will see your love of lighthouses and lighthouse preservation.
In addition, every time you make a purchase, a donation is made to the
U.S. Lighthouse Society helping us to continue our important work!
Click the link below to view and print the application & disclosures
U.S. Lighthouse Society Credit Card Application Link
Be sure to review and sign the Agreement Page where it says Applicant's Signature.

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