Prasonisi Coordinates: 35°52′57″N 27°45′40″E / 35.8825°N 27.76111°E

Prasonisi (also Prassoníssi) cape is a part of Rhodes island. It is located 92 km from Rhodes town; 40 km from Lindos, at the southern-west part of Rhodes.

Prasonisi is the Greek word for "green island". During summer time, and when water levels are low enough, this island is a pensinsula attached to Rhodes. During the winter time, and when water levels are high enough, Prasonisi becomes an island. The southern-most tip of Prasonisi contains a lighthouse. The closest Greek village is Kattavia; however, there is a purpose-built settlement on Prasonisi that contains motels, convenience stores, restaurants, and windsurf rentals which are open seasonally. Near Prasonisi is Vroulia, an ancient settlement that contains an old mosaic tiled floor.


Rodos - Lighthouse

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2000 ft
500 m

5 km Kattavía merkezinden, Dodekánisos (Greece)

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