The lighthouse at Executor's rocks.

"Execution Rock. My favorite place to watch a sunset -- Execution Rock, Long Island Sound. I tried to HDR this one, and did not like it at first, but on a second look though I should sare it."

"As seen in the Long Island Sound off of Port Washington, New York"

"The lighthouse at Executor's rocks. Legend has it that the during the American Revolution, the British chained prisoner's the rocks at low tide so that they would drown at high tide. When the tide when down, the British would row another prisoner out who could see the remains of the previous prisoner. This legend, however, turns out the be pure propaganda . The rocks were named because they were a hazard to boaters, and had nothing to do with the revolution. It is, however, one of the most remarkable places to watch a sunset, and that is no myth. "

The story of executor's rocks. Myth has it that on this point, which sits off of what was then Cow Neck New York (now Port Washington), the British, during the American Revolution, took control of the rocks. The rocks were submerged at high tide, but during low tide, they would row condemned prisioners whom they had captured to be chained on the rocks. When the tide rose, the prisioner would drown. When the tide went down, the British would row the next prisioner to the rocks, with a full view of the remains of the last prisioner.

This myth has been frequently true, but alas, is not true. It was a myth -- some propaganda before the term was popular. In reality, the rocks were named because they were a hazard to boaters.

Today, a lighthouse remains, one of the oldest working lighthouses on Long Island sound, to warn boaters of the rocks.

Besides being an interesting storey, it is also an excellent place to watch a sunset.

Which is what we did on October 1, 2006 to take this picture.

by Paul Aloe

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