The Lizard Lighthouse


Established 1619
Height Of Tower 19 Metres
Height Of Light Above Mean High Water 70 Metres
Automated Scheduled For 1998
Electrified 1924
Lamp 400 Watt Mbi
Optic 1 Kw Metal Halide
Character One White Flash Every 3 Seconds
Intensity 800,000 Candelas
Range Of Light 26 nautical miles
Fog Signal Character 1 Blasts Every 30 Seconds

Position 49° 57'.58 N 05° 12'.07 W


Sestos and Abydos

A Relief of Hero and Leander
In 480 BC, the Persian King Xerxes moved to attack Greece with one of the greatest armies that had so far been assembled. He ordered the construction of a bridge across the Hellespont between Abydos and Sestos where the crossing distance was least [26]. He must have had a large navy too, for he was able to spare enough of it to form two parallel rows of ships called penteconters and trieremes - 360 in one and 314 in the other. These were lashed together and anchored across the Channel. A roadway was then constructed on top, made from planking covered with soil, and with side panels added so that the animals would not take fright as they crossed.
The story of Hero and Leander is an essential part of our study. In the style of Romeo and Juliet, the waters of the Hellespont separated these two famous lovers. At the narrowest point of the

Yokohama Marine Tower

Yokohama Marine Tower (横浜マリンタワー, Yokohama Marin Tawā?) is a 106 metre high (348 ft) lattice tower with an observation deck at a height of 100 metres in Naka Ward, Yokohama, Japan.
The light characteristic is marked by a flash every twenty seconds, whereby the light's colour is alternating red and green. Originally, at night, the tower shaft itself was lit green and red according to its markings, but now, after the reopening on May 2009, the lights are white.

Yokohama Marine Tower was inaugurated in 1961. The Marine Tower is the tallest lighthouse in the world. In clear conditions, visitors can see Mount Fuji from the 100-metre high observation deck.
On December 25, 2006, Marine Tower temporarily shut its doors. Then the city of Yokohama took over ownership, to restore it. After the renovations, Marine Tower was reopened on May 23, 2009, in time for the city's 150th anniversary celebrations.
Coordinates 35°26′38″N 139°39′03″E


2010 Virtual Photowalk - Angles, Skywatch friday

Lighthouse on the north part of Öland, called Långe Erik (tall Eric). The one in the south part of Öland is called Långe Jan :-) This photo is SOOC. Visit Skywatch Friday
Coordinates 57°22′N 17°06′E


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