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Kilauea Lighthouse

kilauea lighthouse
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Cape Neddick Light Station

Cape Neddick Light Station


Lighthouse Data (aka Nubble Light)

Established:July 1, 1879
Light List:Aid No. 125/J0226
Position:N 43° 09' 54"W 70° 35' 28"
Nautical Chart
Cape Neddick, near the entrance to York River; York, Maine
Characteristic:Iso R 6s (2) [6 seconds Red
alternating with 6 sec darkness
Original Optics:Fourth-order Fresnel Lens -1879 (3)
Present optic:Fourth-order Fresnel Lens -1928
Elevation:88-feet high Focal Plane
Range:13 nautical miles visible reach at sea
41-feet high White Conical Cast iron lined with brick Tower with Black Lantern
Fog signal:One Second blast every 10 seconds
First Keeper:Nathaniel Otterson
Automated:July 13, 1987
Current Use:Active aid to navigation,
U.S. Coast Guard Access to Optic;
Owned by the Town of York since June 20, 1998

Cape Neddick Map

Cap Fréhel

Coordinates48°41′N 2°19′W

Cap Fréhel is a peninsula in Côtes-d'Armor, in northern BrittanyFrance which extends off the Côte d'Émeraude into the Golfe de Saint-Malo. No towns or villages are situated on the peninsula however two lighthouses, one from the 17th century and the other one from 1950, are located at the tip of it. The Cap is located 8.5 km from the town centre of Fréhel.
The peninsula is surrounded by mainly cliffs which make it difficult to access it via sea. The whole of the undulating terrain is covered in moorland and marshes which make it difficult to construct any structure on the site.

Bretagna, Guardiano del faro - Bretagne, Lighthouse Keeper

lonely seagull


Lightship Nantucket and Goat Island Light

The lightship 'Nantucket' was stationed on the West Coast from 1950 to 1971 and then on the East Coast from 1971-1983. She was the last lightship station in the U.S. She is now operating as a private yacht in Nantucket, Boston and other northeast ports.



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